How Can You Help?

Make a donation in the following ways:

1. Make an unrestricted donation to the KEAP Core Fund:




2. Make a directed or restricted donation to a specific project(s): You will be asked during the check-out process to specify which project(s):








3. Send a check: Mail a check or US/international postal money order payable to "KEAP" in USD to:

P.O. Box 1250
Crestone, CO 81131

Specify project you wish to support or write "general support." Donations by individuals or groups in the United States are tax-deductible as per internal Revenue Service regulations.


4. Wire transfer: Wire a direct deposit to KEAP's main account in Colorado, USA. Please contact us for bank details;


5. Donate Materials: Buddhist books, tapes, and other materials in Khmer or also English and French ("Learning English through Buddhism" materials especially welcome);


6. Fundraise: Please coordinate with KEAP's home office by email;


7. Serve: Volunteer with KEAP in Cambodia, including as a project advisor; be a board or international advisory council member;



A Boy Climping Coconut Tree,
1995, Svey Ken

You or your group can help make a difference in the moral, spiritual, and cultural recovery of Cambodia that will honor and strengthen the Buddhist ethos and spirit of the Khmer people. Since its reorganization, KEAP serves as a bridge between Buddhist and non-Buddhist donors abroad and local beneficiaries in Cambodia. As an "friends of Buddhism in Cambodia," KEAP as an organization no longer directly implement projects but, rather, works with local implementing partners. As a donor, you choose the local project (or projects) with which you wish to be linked through your support. At all times, KEAP works to ensure local ownership, self-reliance, and project sustainability. You are encouraged to establish direct communication with the project you support as a means of promoting people-to-people contact, providing moral support, and rendering advice or any needed technical assistance. You are also encouraged to pay a site visit to the project. The source, quality, and spirit of material support are valued as much as the material support itself.

KEAP is a voluntary organization that operates with low overhead costs and a flexible structure geared to meeting local needs. Its administrative, monitoring & evaluation, and facilitation costs are sustained by a 10 per cent program support fee deducted from your tax-deductible (in the USA) donation. KEAP welcomes small, grassroots donations, each of which represents a vote for Buddhist renewal through culturally-sensitive educational development. You or your group may choose to provide direct support in the form of an unrestricted donation to KEAP to help defray expenses (the allocation of large unrestricted donations are determined by the Board of Directors).


KEAP is registered in the State of Colorado (USA) as a tax-exempt 501c3 non-profit corporation to operate for the following charitable educational purposes:

  1. Promote and support community learning/development activities through Cambodian wats (temple-monasteries) in Cambodia as well as in other parts of the world where Cambodian temple communities exist;
  2. Assist Cambodian Buddhist associations, NGOs (non-profit organizations), community groups, organizations, and individuals to implement educational programs and projects based on Buddhist principles;
  3. Promote and disseminate research on Buddhism in Cambodia as a factor for social renewal and people-centered development.